IMATS HAUL: The Glitters

Hello my lovelies,

The next blog entry is all about the glitters.


These four beautys are glitters from Stargazer. The gold and the black one on the left are hexagon shaped and I got them to make the nails for my “Dragon Dancer” since I find them very scale looking. The pink and gold ones on the right were for a charity event, where I did some glitter tattoos for the girls.
The event was last week and the tattoos worked out pretty fine! The girls loved them
and I was really happy how they turned out. I can make a tutorial on how to do them, if you like! It is pretty easy! Just comment below.


I saw the gorgeous Eye Kandy Glitters a few years ago and I was in love immediately. Even though I really liked them, I didn’t get any until now, because I found them rather expensive.
I got a starter kit with the Eye Kandy Liquid Sugar, a little brush (which is quite crappy, to be honest) and six colors of your choice:


Top row : Butterscotch…….Icing………………..Spearmint
Bottom row:Candy Apple……..Razzle Berry…….Sour Grape

Here is a little video, so you can see how gorgeous and sparkly they are! I am in love!

To apply the glitter, you simply dip the brush into the “liquid sugar” solution and then in the color you choosed.

You can use it on the whole eyelid or just like an eyeliner as I did here:


Since the liquid sugar isn´t waterproof, it is very easy to remove: just use your regular make-up remover followed by a good splash of water and you are fine!

I really like the colors and how fine and sparkly they are! They are worth a closer look. I hope this was helpful and you liked it and again, I you would like to have a tutorial for the glitter tattoos, please just tell me!

Have a great and gleaming day!

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